1920 By-Laws

Article I     The name of the organization shall be "Willing Worker's Society"

Article II    The object of this society is to pay the janitor and lighting bill also needed repairs on church and


Article III 

                Section I     The officers of this society shall consist of a President, two Vice President, Secretary,  

                                    Treasurer, Social Committee and Work Committee.

                Section II     The Vice President shall act for the President, two months each.

                Section III    The social committee shall consists of three members.

                Section IV    The work committee shall consist of six members.

Article IV 

                Section I      The membership fee of this society shall be twenty-five cents.

                Section II     The men by paying twenty-five cents hall become "Honorary Members".

Article V  Dancing and card playing are against the rules of this society.

Article VI The fee for the dinners shall be fifteen cents for adults and ten cents for children under twelve 

                years of age.

               The meeting was called to order at 2:30 PM by Mrs. Lucy Dexter at the home of Mrs. Dora

               Batchelder with fifteen members present.

                                                                                                                       Sugar Hill, N.H. Nov. 10, 1920

Names of Those who Have Joined the Willing Worker's Society

Mrs. C.J. Jepperson                         Mrs. A.F. Batchelder                          Mrs. Orvis Hubbard

Mrs. Arvilla Grant                            Mrs. May Bowles                               Mrs. Florence Jessman

Mrs. Winne Labelle                         Mrs. Mabel Whipple                          Mrs. Lucy Dexter

Mrs. Helen Aldrich                          Mrs. Winnie Hibbard                         Mrs. Millie Batchelder

Mrs. Eva Bowles                             Mrs. AlmaJesseman                         Mrs. Addie Burt

Mrs. Katherine Jesseman             Mrs. E.A. Tuck                                     Mrs. Fred Jacobs

Mrs. Teressa Hibbard                    Mrs. Alice Tefft                                   Mrs. Addie Whipple

Mrs. Mary Hibbard                        Miss Dorothy Berry                           Mrs. E. Ruth E. Bowles

Mrs. Marie Smith                           Mrs. Mary Smith                                Mrs. Agnes Jesseman

Mrs. Addie Noyes                         Mrs. Hugh Warup                              Mrs. Bertha Jesseman

Mrs. Tomas Connery                   Mrs. Doris Hildreth                             Mrs. Ethel Thurston

Mrs. Annie Delage                       Mrs. Jerusha Parker                          Mrs. Henry Noyes

Mrs. L.F. Jesseman                      Mrs. Ervill Aldrich     

Honorary Members of the Willing Workers

Mr. Wilfred K. Dexter

Mr. Maurice Hibbard

Mr. Oscar E. Batchelder

Mr. Orrie K. Whipple