Willing Worker's Calendar of Activities

January & February

  • Contact Profile High School and obtain a list of graduating seniors from Sugar Hill
  • Send letter describing WW Merit Award and application to graduating Sugar Hill seniors
  • Receive information about Christmas Party (children receiving gifts) and provide payment for gifts and refreshments
  • New officers installed
  • Federal tax form electronically submitted (actual due date is May 15th)
  • Submit annual summary for Sugar Hill Town Report


  • File nonprofit organization forms with NH Attorney General (actual due date is May 15th)


  • Review WW Merit Award submissions and select winner(s)
  • Plan Lupine Festival luncheon/Grandma's Attic Sale
  • Confirm that the May 15th State and Federal tax filing dates have been meet


  • Plant flowers in Meetinghouse window boxes and confirm summer watering
  • Lupine Festival luncheon and Grandma's Attic Sale
  • Present WW Merit Award to graduating Profile Senior(s)


  • Make reservations for September luncheon
  • Renew liability insurance


  • Go out to lunch
  • Grandma's Attic Sale/Fall Festival (TBD late Sept/Oct


  • Grandma's Attic Sale/Fall Festival
  • Plan Christmas Sale
  • Nomination of Officers for coming year


  • Put evergreens in Meetinghouse window boxes Christmas Sale
  • Confirm plans for Town Christmas Party
  • Selection of Officers for coming year
  • Distribute list to consider charitable donations


  • Pot-luck lunch and gift exchance
  • Decide annual charitable donations, send checks to organizations
  • Town Christmas Party
  • Prepare meeting schedule and sale dates for the next year and submit to Town Officers to secure Meetinghouse
  • Distribute meeting schedule to members