Education Merit Award


Maxine Aldrich Education Merit Award (MAEMA)

Annually, since 1987, the Society has invited Sugar Hill students to apply for the Education Merit Award.  The award is given to students who demonstrate energy, engagement and commitment to furthering their education.  To be eligible, Sugar Hill students must have resided in the town for two years.  In 2019, the award program was named for member, Maxine Aldrich, who has been a loyal program steward since its inception.

In photo Maxine with Co-President, Betsy Fraser


Willing Workers Proclamation February 7, 2019

In recognition of her many years of service as Secretary and President and her stewardship of the Education Merit Award for over 30 years

henceforth and ever after:

The Education Merit Award shall be named the 


Maxine is a role model of the word WILLING in Willing Workers

for all that she has done...and continues to do!

Education Merit Award Winners

Year Awarded                                Recipient

1987                                                Jack Aydelott

1988                                                Scott Hunt

1989                                                David McPhaul, Jr.

1990                                                Brian D. Hill

1991                                                 Patricia Young

1992                                                Michael Wilder Lodge

1993                                                Amanda Hill Samaha

1994                                                Jason Samaha

1995                                                Vanessa Kelley

1996                                                Jacob Serino

1997                                                Elizabeth McPhaul

1998                                                Jeff Frenkiewhich

                                                        Hayley Boissonneault

1999                                                 Lindsey Mogren

2000                                                Haley Mogren

2001                                                 Kathleen Foley

2002                                                Resita Miranda

2003                                                Johanna Serino

2004                                                Caitlin Galligan

2005                                                Jennifer Strausser

2006                                                 Kara Mia Foley

2007                                                 Zak Johnk

2008                                                Joseph Hansalik

2009                                                 no applications

2010                                                  Vincent Hansalik

2011                                                   Elizabeth Gaitskill

2012                                                  Meg Brown

2013                                                  Nick Christoffersen

                                                         Madeline Hansalik

2014                                                 Emma Williams

2015                                                 Leanza Hunt

2016                                                 Marianne Hansalik

                                                        Elyssas Annser

                                                        Allie Butterfield

2017                                                 Carter Merrill