Willing Workers Officers

Co- Presidents ~ Wendy Cole and Betsy Fraser

Treasurer ~ Tina Shores

Recording Secretary ~ Claire Von Karls

Willing Workers Committees

Allocations and Finance ~ Betsy Fraser (Chair), JD McFarlane, Tina Shores

By-Laws ~ Betsy Fraser (Chair), Maxine Aldrich, Jean Goehlen, Clare Von Karls

Cards and Good Cheer ~ Carol Young, Pat Brown, Lynda Payette

Christmas Party ~ Rose Ellms (Chair)

Maxine Aldrich Education Merit Award ~ Maxine Aldrich (Chair), Kathy Jablonski, Ellie Glaessel-Brown

History ~ Kitty Bigelow (Chair), Betsy Fraser, Karoll Parker, Karen Kiepert

Grandma's Attic ~ Tina Shores (Chair), Betsy Fraser, Jan Novak, Fran Risinger

Lupine Festival ~ Betsy Fraser (Chair), Claire Von Karls, Linda Finn, Kathy Jablonski, Karen Torrey

Memorials ~ Kathy Jablonski (Chair), Maxine Aldrich, JD McFarlane

Publicity ~ Kitty Bigelow, Betsy Fraser, Linda Finn, Lynda Payette, Karen Torrey

Fall Festival ~ Betsy Fraser (Chair), Linda Finn, Lynda Payette, Karen Torrey

Christmas Sale ~ Betsy Fraser (Chair)

Baked Goods ~ Lissa Boissonneault, Wendy Cole

Books ~ Ellie Glaessel-Brown, Joan Way

Food Service and Kitchen ~ Eleonore Imrie, Dawn Aldrich

Treasures & Christmas ~ Carol Young, Kitty Bigelow

Grandma's Attic ~ Tina Shores

Crafts ~ Linda Finn, Kathy Jablonski, Karoll Parker