Willing Workers Schedule

January                                 No Meeting

February   7th                       Luncheon - Crapo Building

March        7th                       Luncheon - Crapo Building

April           4th                       Luncheon - Meeting House

May           2nd                      Luncheon - Meeting House

June          6th                       Luncheon - Meeting House

June          8th & 9th             Lupine Lunch & Attic Sale

July                                       No Meeting

August                                  Fall Festival Committee Meets

September  5th                    On the Town

September                           Fall Festival

October        3rd                  Luncheon - Crapo Building

November    7th                  Luncheon - Crapo Building

November   21st & 22nd     Set up for Christmas Sale

November   23rd                 Christmas Sale

December                            Christmas Luncheon *

*Please bring a wrapped gift and pot luck dish